Our Mission
Circle of Support, Inc. is uniquely dedicated to providing young girls and boys with access to resources that will help them develop into productive, responsible and successful adults.
100% TAKS pass rate from the 2009 participants To have success in school and life, children need ongoing opportunities to learn and practice essential academic and life skills. This is especially true during the summer months. Many Americans have a wonderful image of summer as a care free, happy time when “kids can be kids”. Unfortunately, low-to-moderate income girls and boys face anything but idyllic summer breaks. The summer break can lead to serious academic and life changing consequences. When the school doors close, girls and boys in Southern Dallas and surrounding communities struggle to access educational and enrichment opportunities, basic needs, healthy meals, and adequate adult supervision.
Be a part of our Coffee Can Club
The teachers and staff at Circle of Support not only share their time and spirit, they also donate their own money to help buy supplies for the children. Help fill up their coffee can with your own donations. Especially helpful are giftcards to the following stores: Target, Walmart and Payless. Thank you so much for your contribution, please send your gift card to: P.O. Box 398994, Dallas, TX 75339.